We are the Hungarian Association of Plant-Based Food Producers and Distributors.

We are doing our best to make more and more consumers and governments in Hungary aware of the trends, importance and benefits of plant-based nutrition.​ Let's Move Towards A Sustainable Food Industry Now.​


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Nature protection

The most serious cause of this unprecedented decline in biodiversity is our food system.


Responsible behaviour and corporate social responsibility are important for all market players, as the climate crisis is affecting both citizens and companies.


Active participation in social and professional debates related to livestock farming and the development of a more sustainable food supply.


NÉGYOSZ (the Hungarian Association of Plant-Based Food Producers and Distributors) was established in November 2022 as the advocacy organisation of plant-based food producers and distributors operating in Hungary. The association grew out of the Hungarian branch of the Plant-Powered Perspectives conference series, which was also running successfully in the V4 countries. NÉGYOSZ members produce high quality plant-based foods, with a special focus on dairy and meat alternatives. We welcome to our membership all national and multinational market players interested in the production and marketing of this product group, and all supporters who agree with our goals!
Miskolczi István

The most important mission of NÉGYOSZ is to promote the sustainable development of domestic food systems and to increase the recognition and role of plant-based proteins in the diet of the Hungarian population.


Ervin Nagy

Ervin Nagy

  • tel:+36 30 780 8528

My main objective is to speak in social and professional debates on sustainability, ethical and animal rights issues related to livestock farming.

István Miskolczi

István Miskolczi

Managing Director
  • tel:+36 20 358 4774

We are doing our very best to make more and more consumers and government in Hungary aware of the international trends, importance and benefits of plant-based food, from a health, environmental and animal welfare perspective.

Zsofia Fulop

Zsofia Fulop


    To achieve our goals, we want to build a strong alliance that is unprecedented, but uncharted - vegetable - path in Hungarian food production. All for the health of ourselves, the planet and animals.

    Bergovecz László

    Bergovecz László

    Board member

      I am the president of the Hungarian Vegan Association, and I have extensive contacts with Hungarian NGOs and the press. As a designer, I am able to use my creative skills in the field of vegan activism.

      We invest in a more liveable future

      We are working to build a future that we can leave behind for future generations without shame.
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