We presented at MentesFest

We presented at MentesFest

Over the weekend we had the honour of having our CEO, István Miskolczi, give a presentation at the MentesFest event on Saturday, entitled “Change is on the agenda: is the future flexitarian?”.

István gave the audience a comprehensive presentation on the health, environmental, and animal welfare implications of plant-based and flexitarian diets.

Could this photo of the icy Danube be realistic in 20 years’ time, in summer?

On the issue of animals, it is important to realise that at the moment, large-scale livestock farming is moving animals on an assembly line. When it comes to us humans, for example, in healthcare, we are rightly badly affected if we are treated on an assembly line. It is just that in the case of animals, the goal is not to be cured, but to be transported on this conveyor belt to their death.

How to start a flexitarian diet?

István also shared with the audience tips to ease the transition and the introduction of vegetable dishes.

“There is no prohibition here, like in veganism. There is conscious reduction, which is a simpler process”.

added István.

It’s worth looking at the foods we like the most, and we can adapt them to be more plant-based, so that we can continue to enjoy the flavours and familiar dishes without any problems. We can also explore the food of other nations, which can be an inexhaustible and exciting gastronomic journey.

Our world has the illusion of continuity: everything around us changes, yet we want to stay the same. Let us be open to change, to change, and a better future awaits us!

Thank you to the organisers of MentesFest for this invitation!