The National Chamber of Agriculture setting up the free-from working group

The National Chamber of Agriculture setting up the free-from working group

The NAK (National Chamber of Agriculture) is helping to develop the market for free products by setting up a working group. NÉGYOSZ also attended the inaugural meeting of the working group, representing the entire membership of the association.

The aim of the NAK’s Working Group is to provide professional support to producers and to represent their interests before the decision-makers who shape and maintain the regulatory environment for the product range. It is also responsible for ensuring the quality of gluten, lactose, dairy and sugar-free products.

The chairman, Péter Szabolcs, spoke about the emergence of the need for the task force in the Business Class programme on Jazzy Radio.

The number of consumers in Hungary suffering from gluten sensitivity, milk protein allergy, lactose intolerance or diabetes is also increasing. In order for them to be able to lead a healthy lifestyle, it is essential that they are able to maintain an appropriate diet. A range of alternative products can help them to do this.

The production of free-from products requires great expertise

In addition to the relevant legislation, regulations and standards, advances in nutritional science must be taken into account to ensure that food ingredients are properly selected and safe, effective products are produced.

Demand for free products is constantly growing and food companies need to be prepared to meet the increased demand. At the same time, the number of companies offering such products is increasing and competition for consumers has intensified. Consumers expect better quality and a more varied range of products. The creation of the working group now being launched by the NAK, will help to share development results between manufacturers, traders, experts and researchers in the field of product and manufacturing technology and the adaptation of innovations to the manufacturing sector. Through the Task Force, the different areas can also help each other to address difficulties that may arise.

The initiative can also contribute to the provision of professional information and education to consumers on the composition, production and incorporation of free products into their diets. It will also provide an opportunity for those working in the sector to build professional relationships and work together to develop best practice in the production of free products, and in the development of and compliance with food standards for free products.

NEGYOSZ also attended the inaugural meeting

At the invitation of Péter Szabolcs, NAK Pest County delegate and chairman of the working group, NÉGYOSZ also participated in the inaugural meeting, representing the entire membership of our association.

“In the case of free products, both the procurement of raw materials and the production technology and packaging require special attention so that manufacturers can produce a product of the right quality for consumers, free of the relevant allergens, while minimising the health risk. It follows that the production costs of these products, and therefore their price to the consumer, are higher. However, under current legislation, NETA and the highest VAT are imposed on these products. This was highlighted as a barrier by most of the participants in the working group. Reducing these financial burdens would be a huge help for consumers. We trust in the proactive attitude of policy makers to resolve the current situation.”

– István Miskolczi, CEO of NÉGYOSZ, summarised the inaugural meeting of the working group.

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