Conferences, research results – What happened in October

Conferences, research results – What happened in October

During the month of October, NÉGYOSZ was not idle. We brought you 3 good news from the plant-based food market.

1. We will organise: Conference for Sustainable Food Systems | 2023.11.09.

The conference will focus on the role and importance of plant-based diets and will be attended by governmental stakeholders. In our view, a professional and social dialogue on the means to develop a more sustainable domestic food economy and diet needs to start in Hungary, and this requires change in a number of areas.

The most important of these are:

– reducing food waste

– the use of sustainable agricultural practices

– the introduction of alternative sources of plant protein

– reducing the consumption of animal products

The conference, organised by NÉGYOSZ, has a major objective, which we hope will start a process, raising awareness of the environmental, public health and economic imperatives of developing a more plant-based diet and the potential competitiveness opportunities for the domestic food economy.

The Conference for Sustainable Food Systems is scheduled for 9 November 2023.

2. We co-organise Plant-Powered Perspectives plant conference | 2023.11.14.

Videónk a tavalyi Plant-Powered Perspectives növényi konferenciáról / Videó: NÉGYOSZ

Our video from last year’s Plant-Powered Perspectives plant conference 

HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafés) is a major sector of the hospitality industry. This is the focus of the presentations and discussions at the conference. The PPP conference is designed to help businesses that want to introduce plant-based products to their palette or to innovate in the field of gastronomy.

This year’s speakers include Dr Olga Beáta Felkai, Deputy State Secretary at the Ministry of Agriculture. As well as restaurant owners, communication experts and chefs. A detailed list can be found on the event website.

The conference’s Facebook– and LinkedIn-page

3. We did the research: How do domestic consumers feel about plant-based diets and products?

We recently conducted an independent, comprehensive, large-scale, representative survey to map consumer behaviour in Hungary. The results are exciting and instructive, but we will only reveal them at the Plant-Powered Perspectives plant conference on 14 November, as part of a presentation by István Miskolczi, CEO of NÉGYOSZ.